I did not make the decision to fly lightly. It was not a trip I took purely to spend the holidays with family, there were medical, professional, and personal reasons I needed to be back in America before the end of the year. In addition to several discussions with my family, I sought input from […]

I’ve always had a thing for swimsuits. It goes back to when I was a baby. Check out my sisters and I in the summer of 1990. I’d kill for that ruffled-lace collar on a one-piece now! What I’ve learned from traveling is every beach destination has a different beach vibe. There are certain suits […]

There’s no city that you want to dress chicer for than Paris. But visting in the winter can be tricky. Though it rarely snows, Paris is cold, often rainy, and a little grey from January – April. So if you’re planning a winter trip – there are some essentials that should be in your suitcase […]

Wondering what to get the traveler in your life? For travelers, a functional gift is always going to be appreciated since you do not have space for things you don’t need! I’ve spent the last seven years traveling nonstop. I live out of suitcases, on planes, and in hotel rooms of all shapes and sizes. Here is my gift guide for my true travel essentials – the things I could never leave home and make it through a trip without. Each thing on this list has been tried and tested, all over the world, so you can rest assured it will make your traveler happy and give them something they really do need.

My first time on safari I was really worried about having the right things, but I quickly learned packing for safari is easy, and you don’t need to bring a lot. 

Depending on whether you’re planning to backpack, or take a 6 star honeymoon at the Oberoi Resorts, you can follow these tips on what to pack for a trip to India.