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Wellness is more important this year than ever, and many of us have sought out ways to bring the spa experience into our homes. These are my favorite beauty and wellness things I have tried and tested and think would make amazing gifts. Gummies for fabulous hair A silk pillowcase to decrease wrinkles and save […]

The necklace I never take off, the cashmere joggers I live in, the camera I take all my shots with, and the only American-made perfume I will wear. This gift guide is the things I have bought and used every single day. They are the things I love most and really couldn’t live without. Go-to […]

The gift guide for any francophile in your life. From cute French-themed homeware to things from favorite French brands, to reading material for your next trip to Paris, to French lessons from an expert. The perfect chapeau for any new bébé Eiffel Tower scissors should always make the cut My print of a baguette, since […]

Whether you are looking to brighten someone’s day, or just add a little bit of happiness into your own life, these gifts can put a smile on your face and remind you that after a storm, there is always a rainbow.

I did not make the decision to fly lightly. It was not a trip I took purely to spend the holidays with family, there were medical, professional, and personal reasons I needed to be back in America before the end of the year. In addition to several discussions with my family, I sought input from […]

It’s fig season in France, and it’s one of my favorite seasons. They pop up everywhere and they are so sweet, plump, and perfect that they taste like candy. I was on my way out of the market when a man spotted me and shouted, “Des figues Madamosielle! Tu veux les gouter? Which translates to “I have figs miss, you want to try them,” but actually he is saying, “Oh hey there miss, I know you think you’re leaving but I before you go, let me tempt you with my pile of incredible, plump, pink figs. And I’m off at 3, want to go on a walk with me?

This week, I packed up my vintage, leather suitcase from the brocante and headed out on a road trip. France has so much to see and do, and while this summer was all about the coast, I thought the fall should be all about castles. The Loire Valley is just a three hour drive from […]

Where I Traveled: The Greek Islands Everywhere in Europe felt extra special this summer because of the lack of tourists. After my week in Provence in July, when I realized how special it was to be able to travel like this, there were a few places that came to mind – and the top of […]

We women have to help each other out. I get asked about my skin a lot, so I wrote this article for YOU to share my routine, regime, and favorite tools I trust after months of trying. COVID changed everything – I used to go to get facials often, but suddenly I had to find […]

When I was a little girl and went shopping with my mom, I was always happiest in the shoe section. I’d grab the highest heel in the smallest adult size I could find and slip my tiny toes into them. Then I try to balance as I stood up, and strutted around the store; pretending […]

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