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Three gift guides for the holiday season.

the ultimate guide to perfectly packing your carry-on bag for a plane ride

What to get your Valentine? It’s always a dilemma, and I LOVE to think outside the box, because your Valentine (no matter if it’s you bestie, your mom, your boyfriends, your neighbor, or yourself) is anything but ordinary. So there are some ideas for creative ways to say, “Je t’aime.”

It was freezing yesterday. What may surprise anyone who does not live in Paris, is that the weather in the winter is pretty much just as grey and rainy as London. So when the sun shines in January, you must get out and profite du soleil, as the French say. Literally, “profit from the sun.” […]

Get a 2021 Planner I’m a bit old-fashioned in that I like to write things down with pen on paper. I’ve tried every app and thing on my phone to get my agenda together, but I just can’t. There is something about an old-fashioned paper planner to me that I love, and in January I […]

Mastering the art of French cooking is something I think I’ll be working on forever. I love to bake, but I have never felt that I am good cook. But living in France, it is essential to be able to whip something up that is quick, delicious, and homemade. While French food has a reputation […]

Bring sexy back black bodysuit Style this with high-waist jeans, a pretty belt and black pumps, or a pleated midi skirt or leather, mini skirt Perfect Parisian blazer with a holiday bow Perfect for over a thin, black turtle neck and velvet trousers, or on top of a sleeveless, little black dress Red mini dress […]

The necklace I never take off, the cashmere joggers I live in, the camera I take all my shots with, and the only American-made perfume I will wear. This gift guide is the things I have bought and used every single day. They are the things I love most and really couldn’t live without. Go-to […]

The gift guide for any francophile in your life. From cute French-themed homeware to things from favorite French brands, to reading material for your next trip to Paris, to French lessons from an expert. The perfect chapeau for any new bébé Eiffel Tower scissors should always make the cut My print of a baguette, since […]

Whether you are looking to brighten someone’s day, or just add a little bit of happiness into your own life, these gifts can put a smile on your face and remind you that after a storm, there is always a rainbow.

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