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When you lose someone, the grief is painful you want to just crawl tight into a ball and not move. You feel stunned every time you stop and think about what has happened. My answer to grief has always been a simple one: allow yourself to feel it, don’t try to pretend like it isn’t […]

June was a big month of change of us. First, we moved out of the little cabin we’ve confined it, and into a bigger house with my whole family. That meant mom, dad, me, Amanda, Elvis, Todd, Diana, Hudson, and Oliver all in one house. Four separate adult families living together. It was chaotic, it was hilarious, it was insanity, it was wonderful! We were still in Laurel Canyon, so me and Petit could take our walks together. Then we had birthday week – Hudson, Oliver, Mom all in a row. That’s A LOT of cake, and we aren’t complaining about it. Cedars lifted their visitor policy, so we got to go visit Nick in the ICU, Elvis started WALKING, and waving, and throwing his food on the ground when he didn’t want it anymore. Sacre bleu! I took a little road trip for some self-care, Amanda and I launched a project we’ve been dreaming of for a long time, and I went back to France. I feel like we just lived a year!

There are twinkle lights and unruly vines of ivy running up the front of the cabin. The six stone steps to the front door are cracked and lined with potted succulents and other plants that were green once, but have dried up due to our lack of attention to them.  The brown, wood siding is […]

Baking has always been a form of therapy for me. The quickest way to alleviate my stress is to put me in front of a Kitchen Aid mixer with a ton of sugar and butter.  It’s a difficult time for all of us. Most of us are battling some mix of worry, loneliness, and depression and that is okay. […]

What a loaded sentence. What happened in April could be an entire book. A sci-fi, horror novel for most of us. And, it seemed to have a million days, didn’t it? But, I’m a glass-half-full, smiley, optimistic type. There are always silver-linings and things to be thankful for, and tips to share. So here are my April highlights.

The three of us are together in the same house without spouses, jobs, or real lives for the first time in thirty years. We have little Elvis of course, and a sea of worries, anxiety, and fears revolving around Nick. But it’s just not in our DNA to be negative.

Looking back, I realize I’ve always tried to woo men with baked goods. The first time I baked for a boy, it was my high school sweetheart. I was 15, and it was Valentine’s Day. I made him my mom’s classic white cake – from scratch of course. Four layers of amazing vanilla cake, vanilla […]

The fourth Stay-in Supper Club was the first in my new, temporary home in Laurel Canyon with my siblings as my dinner guests. Last Sunday I came to L.A. to spend the rest of quarantine with my sister and brother in L.A. We’re sheltering together to help Amanda as my brother-in-law, Nick Cordero, fights COVID […]

As we sat there, sipping wine and chatting, in our fabulous, fifties outfits, it dawned on me. We are the modern, blonde, Rose Weissman and Midge Maisel.

I’m a young, divorcee that has moved back in with my parents. My mother is tiny, adorable, and terribly worried about everything that I do and what my fate will be given my “unusual” lifestyle. I am subject, daily, to the eccentricities of my no-nonsense father, who is often kept in the dark about what my mom and I are up to. I have a career my parents don’t understand, and I often disappear for hours without explanation. My ex-husband is Jewish, and ex-in-laws live just down the street. I own an extensive collection of hats, and my mom has a closet of incredible dresses, shoes, and purses. All I’m missing is the two children and summers in the Catskills!

I’ve learned you bond with someone when you go through something tough and real together. When you see each other at your worst, not just your best, and like them anyway. When you realize that when the world is upside down, they are the kind of person that stays right-side up. When they have the ability to make you smile when there’s really no other reason to. When you experience, first-hand, that they are someone you can call, no matter the time, or day, when you are in need of sunshine and their voice is instant warmth. I think there’s a real chance that love found in the time of corona, could be the most real kind of love.

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