I believe there’s a right hotel for every person and every occasion. Location, decor, amenities, and agenda all come into play when you’re choosing where to make your home away from home. A lot of what and where I book depends on who I travel with, and what the purpose of my trip is

Recapping my stay at The Montage Palmetto Bluff

Patagonia had been on my bucket list from the moment I learned it existed. Acres of unspoiled nature, the famous towers, wild puma, glacial lakes, and herds of Guanaco. The remote location of Torres del Paine makes it difficult to get to, and therefore it is not a popular destination of tourists or locals – […]

My favorite types of hotels are one with a story or a unique setting. Any hotel group can build a modern marvel, but after spending most nights of my life in generic guest rooms, I now seek out ones that are more than just luxury.

When I heard a historic tower from 1920 in downtown Columbus had turned boutique hotel I knew I had to see it

Since I travel about three hundred days a year, I spend most nights of my life in hotel rooms across the world, so here’s a roundup of my favorite finds of 2017.

Paris is about the quaint, the small, the charming. Most affordable hotels a tourist would visit are everything but this. 

This year when I returned to Paris for a week, I didn’t give a hotel a second thought, but instead set my sights to Air B&B, and that’s how I found Venture2Paris. This wonderful, luxury apartment lets you live like a local for a week in the heart of the Marais, and is far more lovely and spacious than any hotel nearby. 

City guides can be overwhelming and packed with too many recommendations. Here’s an outside-the-box shortlist with just six recommendations for where and what to stay, eat, shop, see, do, and be entertained while in Munich, Germany. 

Summer Fridays Two of the sweetest words in the English language, and I recently discovered a way to make them even sweeter: add an OO.  Summer weekends in Manhattan are sticky, crowded, and flooded with tourists. New Yorkers come to work on Friday with a duffel bag, ready to book it to the jitney after […]

A ryokan is a traditional Japanese guest house, created to provide travelers with a place to rest, eat, and rejuvenate themselves on their journey. The concept dates back to 1600, and is still thriving today. Not much has changed in terms of what was traditionally offered: a spacious lobby, public baths, a kaiseki meal, and a room to sleep with tatsimi mats and shoji panels. But while ryokans were once popular around Japan and an inexpensive place to stay the night, the few that survive today offer a much fancier experience and look into Japanese culture for travelers.

Ever wonder what it’s like to spend a day on safari? Here’s a look inside my journal during my recent trip to Kanha National Park on my first TIGER safari in India!