Never stop wandering

Recapping my stay at The Montage Palmetto Bluff

Recapping my first solo trip in a decade, using Expedia to plan my trip,

I spent only ten weeks of 2017 in Manhattan where I live; the rest scattered in thirty-four other countries across the globe. 

I’ve been to twenty-nine countries in Europe, from Germany to Gibraltar to Luxembourg.. But this year, I went to the European country you’ve probably never heard of – Albania.

Every corner and street became more scenic as we wandered. Charcuterie shops, ice cream stands, and crêperies, were scattered between the shops selling red ceramic dishes and mugs painted with sheep and phrases like “I went to Alsace and thought of my Papa.”

When we arrived in Valbona, it looked more like Switzerland. Alpine architecture, red-and-white checked tablecloths, sky-high evergreens! I took a deep breath, and then another, and another; there are few feels as satisfying as the freshness of the mountain air filling your lungs. Especially for a city-dweller.

The roots of Qeparo are a thousand years old. To the experienced traveler, the village is a mix of England’s Cotswold, France’s Le Baux, and Greece’s Oia. Everything from the roads to the houses is made from golden stone. Some walls are whitewashed and doors are painted vibrant blue with donkeys tied up outside them. Thick vines form archways dripping with grapes and the views of the valley from the ends of alleys are breathtaking. 

Summer Fridays Two of the sweetest words in the English language, and I recently discovered a way to make them even sweeter: add an OO.  Summer weekends in Manhattan are sticky, crowded, and flooded with tourists. New Yorkers come to work on Friday with a duffel bag, ready to book it to the jitney after […]

Road-tripping the South Island of New Zealand

First impressions of New Zealand, my sixty-second country! 

Destinations aren’t one size fits all. When someone asks me for a recommendation - I never just list my favorite places - I try to understand them and what they want from a trip and then I can figure out where to recommend. It’s destination matchmaking, really, and having spent the last ten years traveling non-stop, I’m a pro at it. So here’s destination profiles to help you figure out where to go next. 

Where should I go?