Baking has always been a form of therapy for me. The quickest way to alleviate my stress is to put me in front of a Kitchen Aid mixer with a ton of sugar and butter.  It’s a difficult time for all of us. Most of us are battling some mix of worry, loneliness, and depression and that is okay. […]

The fourth Stay-in Supper Club was the first in my new, temporary home in Laurel Canyon with my siblings as my dinner guests. Last Sunday I came to L.A. to spend the rest of quarantine with my sister and brother in L.A. We’re sheltering together to help Amanda as my brother-in-law, Nick Cordero, fights COVID […]

I also realized eating solo every day meant “real” meals were in danger. Dinner could become a candy bar, or a jar of PB and a spoon because no one was going to know about it. In Paris, it was R&D to go to the city’s most charming and authentic restaurants. I dined solo on three-course dinners of escargot, steak tartare, and chocolate mousse on the regular.

So, I decided in an effort to try to be French, and chic, and refined – I would start the Stay-In Saturday Supper Club. Consider this your official invitation to join me.

I opened the door to find a short, middle-aged man. Quel dommage.
I would not be falling in love tonight. 

He held a black, leather, doctor’s bag and had his stethoscope at the ready. So the doctor was not charming, but the whole notion was. As he pulled out an array of shiny, silver tools, I began to feel like I was in an old movie. Suddenly everything was in black and white, and I had the strangest desire to “talk like this, see,” and do something dramatic – like faint onto a settee.  Oh, France, I thought to myself, as he began his inspection, you even find a way to make being ill charming. 

Christmas is the best time of year to be in New York City. The city has so many things to see, do, eat, and experience that in order to be sure you don’t miss out on a single thing – I’ve compiled a list of my favorite things going on this month in New York.

Boulangeries have at least two types: a cheap, regular baguette, sometimes called a baguette ordinaire – and the delicious, artisan, baguette de tradition.

City guides can be overwhelming and packed with too many recommendations. Here’s an outside-the-box shortlist with just six recommendations for where and what to stay, eat, shop, see, do, and be entertained while in Munich, Germany. 

Ubud is why you travel to Bali. Rice terraces, ancient temples, volcanos, a jungle full of wild monkeys, streets lined with yoga studios, spas, and healthy restaurants serving the most delicious and beautiful food you could imagine. Right in the middle of the island, I consider Ubud Bali’s beating heart. Ubud is relaxed, unpretentious, and chaotically beautiful.  This is not a place to party – it’s a place to meditate, contemplate, grow, explore, and learn. 

If you’re the kind of person who prefers succulents to flowers, loves all thing indie, and drools over the thought of sea-kelp noodles, then I have the perfect itinerary for you!

Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world, so with so many things to see and do, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a list of 10 things you absolutely should not miss during your trip!