The resolutions you’ve set for yourself are probably going to take work to achieve. Some of them require learning, practice, and coaching. This free Wellness Week is an amazing opportunity and a positive approach to resolution keeping and help combat the winter blues. 

Since I travel about three hundred days a year, I spend most nights of my life in hotel rooms across the world, so here’s a roundup of my favorite finds of 2017.

I spent only ten weeks of 2017 in Manhattan where I live; the rest scattered in thirty-four other countries across the globe. 

Paris is about the quaint, the small, the charming. Most affordable hotels a tourist would visit are everything but this. 

This year when I returned to Paris for a week, I didn’t give a hotel a second thought, but instead set my sights to Air B&B, and that’s how I found Venture2Paris. This wonderful, luxury apartment lets you live like a local for a week in the heart of the Marais, and is far more lovely and spacious than any hotel nearby. 

If you only make it to one shop in Paris, then let it be the Bensimon Concept Shop, full of must-have essentials for anyone wanting to live colorfully and in style. 

My recent trip to Paris was one of my favorites ever. I hadn’t had a solid week in my soul city since I lived there back in 2011! 

City guides can be overwhelming and packed with too many recommendations. Here’s an outside-the-box shortlist with just six recommendations for where and what to stay, eat, shop, see, do, and be entertained while in Munich, Germany. 

I’ve been to twenty-nine countries in Europe, from Germany to Gibraltar to Luxembourg.. But this year, I went to the European country you’ve probably never heard of – Albania.

Every corner and street became more scenic as we wandered. Charcuterie shops, ice cream stands, and crêperies, were scattered between the shops selling red ceramic dishes and mugs painted with sheep and phrases like “I went to Alsace and thought of my Papa.”

When we arrived in Valbona, it looked more like Switzerland. Alpine architecture, red-and-white checked tablecloths, sky-high evergreens! I took a deep breath, and then another, and another; there are few feels as satisfying as the freshness of the mountain air filling your lungs. Especially for a city-dweller.