And usually, we bloom too. We start jobs, we move cities, we get married, we open businesses, we make friends, we grow.
How do we bloom this spring? At first, it seems impossible but think deeper and realize it’s actually more possible now than ever.

I left Paris this weekend. Saturday night when they issued that all businesses were ordered to close, I panicked. Just two days earlier, we’d been told to work from home, then school was canceled, then we were told to stay indoors. Now forced closures. It was all happening so fast that I foresaw, and feared […]

In this last week, everyone’s lives have changed. I don’t know a single person whose vacations, retreat, work-trip, honeymoon, or wedding is not canceled or on hold. Everyone is inside whatever four walls they call home for a while now. It’s an easy sacrifice to make for the health of everyone – sit on your […]

On March 1st I woke up went for a run on the Seine. It’s usually not a large crowd there – the Parisians are too busy buying croissants or caressing whoever they brought home last night to be up, exercising on a Sunday morning. But I arrived to find it PACKED! What’s going on here, […]

I’ve been a want-to-be dancer my whole life. Over the years, I’ve taken everything from afro-dance to zumba, but never, have I EVER had the opportunity to dance the can-can. I knew nothing about what this class would entail, and they had no website. But how could I resist signing up? The only information I could find via Classpass reviews was that outfits were provided.

One thing I adore about France is that it lives up to the stereotypes one associates with it. You can always spot someone on the street carrying a long baguette tucked under their arm. You will pass passionate pairs of lovers intertwined on every bridge day or night. By noon people will be lunching outside, facing the street with glasses of wine and cigarettes. Due to the crepe stands on every coin, the air really does smell like warm Nutella most of the time, and no matter where you are, you can always find someone playing an accordion.

Where I Traveled: Paris I moved to Paris this month, and for the first entire month in the last ten years, I stayed put in one place. I did not pack a bag anywhere so I could soak up the fact that I live here. I have dreamed of living here since I was in […]

I opened the door to find a short, middle-aged man. Quel dommage.
I would not be falling in love tonight. 

He held a black, leather, doctor’s bag and had his stethoscope at the ready. So the doctor was not charming, but the whole notion was. As he pulled out an array of shiny, silver tools, I began to feel like I was in an old movie. Suddenly everything was in black and white, and I had the strangest desire to “talk like this, see,” and do something dramatic – like faint onto a settee.  Oh, France, I thought to myself, as he began his inspection, you even find a way to make being ill charming. 

In many ways, Parisians are just like New Yorkers. French people love pizza and avocado toast, complaining and cutting lines, wearing black and smoking. They know good art, and good food. But it seems in this way, we are vastly are different.

There’s no city that you want to dress chicer for than Paris. But visting in the winter can be tricky. Though it rarely snows, Paris is cold, often rainy, and a little grey from January – April. So if you’re planning a winter trip – there are some essentials that should be in your suitcase […]