I’m in my thirties now – things are getting real.
I’ve spent years traveling nonstop with no real skincare plan – just a miss-matched dopkit of products I was given or bought but wasn’t really sure what they did. So I sought out the top dermatologist in Manhattan – Dr. Howard Sobel – the O.G. for R.X. skincare lines. I wanted a plan that I knew I could trust, and products I knew would work.

I believe there’s a right hotel for every person and every occasion. Location, decor, amenities, and agenda all come into play when you’re choosing where to make your home away from home. A lot of what and where I book depends on who I travel with, and what the purpose of my trip is

There’s so little we can really control about our lives, and so much of the way mine has turned out has not been my choice, not the way I thought my story would go… ⠀

Your trip is planned, your bags are packed, vacation starts tomorrow. Is there any better feeling  in the world? But before you can sip a welcome drink at the hotel, you’ve got a long haul flight to take, and there’s just one thing left to plan: what are going to wear on the plane? I was eighteen and […]

I started my ballet classes today. I woke up at 8am for the occasion. If you know my sleeping habits, that is no small sacrifice. I found a dance school in the Marais that offers drop-in classes in adult, classical ballet. It’s the beginner’s class, and they call it debutante, which I love. It makes me […]

Wondering what to get the traveler in your life? For travelers, a functional gift is always going to be appreciated since you do not have space for things you don’t need! I’ve spent the last seven years traveling nonstop. I live out of suitcases, on planes, and in hotel rooms of all shapes and sizes. Here is my gift guide for my true travel essentials – the things I could never leave home and make it through a trip without. Each thing on this list has been tried and tested, all over the world, so you can rest assured it will make your traveler happy and give them something they really do need.

I talked up 2020 being a year of change big time. So I admit, I was a little afraid January would pass and it would feel just like any other month: same routine, same people, same place, same me, same everything… ⠀ But in the first month of this year – I skied down a […]

Sunlight flooded in the room, illuminating the blonde highlights of the parquet, wooden floors. Three french windows looked out on the street below, framed by thick, cream, curtains. One had a window seat, covered with a sheepskin rug and an oversized pillow. I promised myself I’d sit there every morning and write. Where our place in New York had been dark, with clay-colored walls and no natural light, the walls here were whip-cream colored with intricate molding. I wanted to devour them.

Packing for Paris can be a real challenge for even the most savvy packer or fashionista.

So in case you need some inspo – here’s everything I packed for my trip to Paris and how and wear I wore it. 

I am so inspired by the many women I’ve seen leave the jobs that made them unhappy behind and go start their own company. When it comes to holiday shopping, it’s those girl bosses I want to support more than anyone, and with so many amazing female-made things out there it’s easy to do. They […]