I did not make the decision to fly lightly. It was not a trip I took purely to spend the holidays with family, there were medical, professional, and personal reasons I needed to be back in America before the end of the year. In addition to several discussions with my family, I sought input from […]

It’s fig season in France, and it’s one of my favorite seasons. They pop up everywhere and they are so sweet, plump, and perfect that they taste like candy. I was on my way out of the market when a man spotted me and shouted, “Des figues Madamosielle! Tu veux les gouter? Which translates to “I have figs miss, you want to try them,” but actually he is saying, “Oh hey there miss, I know you think you’re leaving but I before you go, let me tempt you with my pile of incredible, plump, pink figs. And I’m off at 3, want to go on a walk with me?

This week, I packed up my vintage, leather suitcase from the brocante and headed out on a road trip. France has so much to see and do, and while this summer was all about the coast, I thought the fall should be all about castles. The Loire Valley is just a three hour drive from […]

Where I Traveled: The Greek Islands Everywhere in Europe felt extra special this summer because of the lack of tourists. After my week in Provence in July, when I realized how special it was to be able to travel like this, there were a few places that came to mind – and the top of […]

COVID changed everything – I used to go to get facials often, but suddenly I had to find a way to do it all at home. I also went through some serious stress, and that took a toll on my skin. It was time to up the game all around. Now that I have, I […]

When I was a little girl and went shopping with my mom, I was always happiest in the shoe section. I’d grab the highest heel in the smallest adult size I could find and slip my tiny toes into them. Then I try to balance as I stood up, and strutted around the store; pretending […]

When you lose someone, the grief is painful you want to just crawl tight into a ball and not move. You feel stunned every time you stop and think about what has happened. My answer to grief has always been a simple one: allow yourself to feel it, don’t try to pretend like it isn’t […]

June was a big month of change of us. First, we moved out of the little cabin we’ve confined it, and into a bigger house with my whole family. That meant mom, dad, me, Amanda, Elvis, Todd, Diana, Hudson, and Oliver all in one house. Four separate adult families living together. It was chaotic, it was hilarious, it was insanity, it was wonderful! We were still in Laurel Canyon, so me and Petit could take our walks together. Then we had birthday week – Hudson, Oliver, Mom all in a row. That’s A LOT of cake, and we aren’t complaining about it. Cedars lifted their visitor policy, so we got to go visit Nick in the ICU, Elvis started WALKING, and waving, and throwing his food on the ground when he didn’t want it anymore. Sacre bleu! I took a little road trip for some self-care, Amanda and I launched a project we’ve been dreaming of for a long time, and I went back to France. I feel like we just lived a year!

Since in a typical year I’m traveling most of the time, I spend a good amount of my days in swimsuits and cover-ups. It’s been like this for a few years now, so I’ve become a bit of a swimwear aficionado. In my expertise – there are three types of swimsuits you need – a […]

There are twinkle lights and unruly vines of ivy running up the front of the cabin. The six stone steps to the front door are cracked and lined with potted succulents and other plants that were green once, but have dried up due to our lack of attention to them.  The brown, wood siding is […]