Sunlight flooded in the room, illuminating the blonde highlights of the parquet, wooden floors. Three french windows looked out on the street below, framed by thick, cream, curtains. One had a window seat, covered with a sheepskin rug and an oversized pillow. I promised myself I’d sit there every morning and write. Where our place in New York had been dark, with clay-colored walls and no natural light, the walls here were whip-cream colored with intricate molding. I wanted to devour them.

I’ve always had a thing for swimsuits. It goes back to when I was a baby. Check out my sisters and I in the summer of 1990. I’d kill for that ruffled-lace collar on a one-piece now! What I’ve learned from traveling is every beach destination has a different beach vibe. There are certain suits […]

In many ways, Parisians are just like New Yorkers. French people love pizza and avocado toast, complaining and cutting lines, wearing black and smoking. They know good art, and good food. But it seems in this way, we are vastly are different.

Long-haul travel can be a lot less painless if you pack your carry-on case with all of the essentials to stay comfortable, healthy, beautiful, and entertained. After a decade of travel, and more flights than I can count – I discovered the absolute essential things to travel with and how best to pack them.  What […]

There’s no city that you want to dress chicer for than Paris. But visting in the winter can be tricky. Though it rarely snows, Paris is cold, often rainy, and a little grey from January – April. So if you’re planning a winter trip – there are some essentials that should be in your suitcase […]

How much can change in just a year is truly crazy. My life is completely different. I feel completely different. In the last year I was crushed, and broken, and forced to pick up those pieces and find a way to put them back together. But as I did I realized they didn’t quite fit together perfectly anymore, and I had to build something new.

After hearing my woes after going on a few dates in Manhattan, my English best friend had a revelation over afternoon tea. (Clarity can apparently come from mass amounts of clotted cream.) I didn’t belong with an American man! I never could! I needed the kind of wit, and charm, and romance that only exists on my favorite continent: Europe. I needed to be with someone whose name I couldn’t pronounce and whose tiny village I’d probably visited.

I had been desperately missing France since I returned to America. I longed for everything about it – the food, the language, the romance. The mere sight of a French flag sent a pain to my heart! I tried restaurants and bakeries in New York, but they didn’t provide the feeling I was chasing. I thought I was doomed to live in sorrow until I could return in January! But here in Nolita, I knew I had found my little Paris

I’m in my thirties now – things are getting real.
I’ve spent years traveling nonstop with no real skincare plan – just a miss-matched dopkit of products I was given or bought but wasn’t really sure what they did. So I sought out the top dermatologist in Manhattan – Dr. Howard Sobel – the O.G. for R.X. skincare lines. I wanted a plan that I knew I could trust, and products I knew would work.

I believe there’s a right hotel for every person and every occasion. Location, decor, amenities, and agenda all come into play when you’re choosing where to make your home away from home. A lot of what and where I book depends on who I travel with, and what the purpose of my trip is

There’s so little we can really control about our lives, and so much of the way mine has turned out has not been my choice, not the way I thought my story would go… ⠀