5 Things To Do To Start the New Year Off Right

Get a 2021 Planner

I’m a bit old-fashioned in that I like to write things down with pen on paper. I’ve tried every app and thing on my phone to get my agenda together, but I just can’t. There is something about an old-fashioned paper planner to me that I love, and in January I get a new one that I set with dates, birthdays, goals, and appointments. I also get a new, fresh notebook every year that I keep with me for all my little ideas, doodles, thoughts, and other things. At the end of the year, it’s like a little time capsule.

Make A Vision

I so believe in setting intentions and manifesting dreams. I’ve been making bucket lists and vision boards forever, and I think there is true power in. A vision board is essentially a collage of what images, words, and ideas you want to manifest. I made one in the middle of 2020 since the year was such a mess, and now I’m starting the year off with a new one! All you need is magazines, scissors, glue, and a board. Cut out what speaks to you, and make a vision. You can watch my sister and I vision board live here.

Commit to Exercising

This is not for your waistline, this is for your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy! I know it’s sometimes hard to find the time, but even just ten minutes of jump rope a day, or a thirty-minute walk around your neighborhood will make a difference. Make a plan and hold yourself accountable! Now more than ever there are so many amazing apps and websites to work out from home.

I’ve just started a new fitness app that has workouts, recipes, and meditations all in one! I never like to share something until I can 100% vouch for it, so stay tuned and if I like it, I’ll share more at the end of the month!

Upgrade Your Bed

Every January, I gift myself a new year present of some kind of home upgrade. This year, it was new bedding because I’ve been living in a rental for the last year with sheets from IKEA. They were stiff, and dark blue, and terribly uncomfortable. So I treated myself to a new set of organic cotton, incredibly soft sheets and I now spend the days just waiting to crawl into bed. (If you want the same ones I have, ANNA20 gets you an extra 20% off)

Set The Mood With Music

I wake up every morning, and put on music right away. It’s something i started doing the moment I started living alone. I didn’t want silence, but then I quickly realized how much hearing a happy song first thing in the morning instantly made me happy, and made me start dancing. This can be whatever music you want and feel that day, but try to make it upbeat so it sets a positive tone for the day.
Here’s a few songs from one of my favorite playlists called “Get Happy”

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