3 Recipes to Be Parisian

Mastering the art of French cooking is something I think I’ll be working on forever. I love to bake, but I have never felt that I am good cook. But living in France, it is essential to be able to whip something up that is quick, delicious, and homemade. While French food has a reputation for being fussy (and it can be), I have learned some of the best dishes are the most simple.

Two things I have always felt the French do better than anyone else is salad dressing, and crispy fingerling potatoes. I tried to re-create these things for years, and it always failed. But last year, when I began taking cooking classes at Cook’n with Class in Paris, I learned these two recipes in my first day.

#1 French Vinaigrette

#2 Crispy Fingerling Potatoes

(when I made this, I was in Ohio with no access to fingerling potatoes so I used red as pictured – but use fingerling potatoes for the best result.

#3 Poulet Roti

This one doesn’t fit on only one page. So take a look at the full post where I made this last year when confinement started as a way to have a little taste of France.

Bon Appetit!

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