Morning after the Marché

My pet peve with recipe posts is when the recipe is buried alllll the way at the bottom of the post, under paragraphs of texts, and ads, and links. I’m not going to do that to you. Here it is, right at the top. Now keeping reading if you want to know more.

I never know what I’m going to make with the things I buy at the marché. Most people go and tick off their list of groceries for the recipes they have in mind. I do the opposite – buy whatever strikes my fancy or looks amazing and figure it out when I get home.

It’s fig season in France, and it’s one of my favorite seasons. They pop up everywhere and they are so sweet, plump, and perfect that they taste like candy. I was on my way out of the market when a man spotted me and shouted, “Des figues Mademoiselle! Tu veux les gouter? Which translates to “I have figs miss, you want to try them,” but actually he is saying,
“Oh hey there miss, I know you thought you were done here, but I before you go, let me tempt you with my pile of incredible, plump, pink figs.
And also, I’m off at 3. Want to go on a romantic walk with me?”
The market vendors are, in my opinion, some of the biggest flirts in Paris.

After I tasted one, there was no going back. “Oh la la,” I said. “Oui, dix si vous plait.” I had no idea what I was going to do with ten figs. But I ended up eating two on the walk home alone. They were irresistible.

The others, I put on display on my cake stand, this morning and decided I wanted them for breakfast. I saw my “oat flakes” (what my French grocery store calls oatmeal) and figured there had to be an amazing recipe out there involving oatmeal, and figs, and butter. And boy, was I right.

I found a few online and combined them into the one I shared here. I used French Bordier butter, raw honey, almond milk, and vanilla bean paste (which you must go find immediately if you have never cooked with it. It will change your life! You can order it online if you can’t find it in your local store. Don’t let the cost stop you – one bottle will last a long time!

But the beauty of this recipe is you can use whatever substitutes you want. I had no nuts handy, but I think crushed pistachios or walnuts on top would make this recipe next level. The last step is to wrap yourself up in a cozy, Paris-themed blanket, and indulge.

p.s If you’re looking for the perfect bowl for oatmeal, cereal, or ice cream, my absolute favorites that come in 10 colors you can mix and match are 25% off right now, so they are $18 for a set of 4. 

Here’s a few, raw shots from my cooking process…

As the French say, bon appetit!

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