What Happened in September

Where I Traveled: The Greek Islands

Everywhere in Europe felt extra special this summer because of the lack of tourists. After my week in Provence in July, when I realized how special it was to be able to travel like this, there were a few places that came to mind – and the top of them was Santorini! I had been once before, but just for a few hours on a port day for a cruise ship. It was gorgeous but crowded with people.

It had been almost ten years since I was last in Greece! When I realized that, I knew I had to go back for a little summer escape. I went twice – first to Mykonos and Tinos with my best friend and her family, and then back to Santorini, where I stayed at the Mystique Hotel as a solo, last hurrah to summer. This hotel was everything I dreamed it would be and more. It was an absolute dream of a place; entirely white and perched on the cliffs just a few minutes’ walk from Oia. They could not have been more friendly, welcoming, and kind to me while I was there, and I had so many beautiful moments exploring the island! I captured a lot of new photos for my print shop!

You can see a little video of highlights from Santorini here!

What I Read Watched: Emily In Paris

This month, I’m focusing on what I watched instead. I’ll be honest, I was too busy to pick up a book this month. But I made time to watch the new Netflix series Emily in Paris while I was jump roping in Greece! I was able to see the series early thanks to Netflix! Last September I decided to move to Paris. I came here at the end of a six-week solo trip through Europe. I was traveling alone for the first time in a decade; searching to find my old self again after my sudden divorce left me all kinds of lost. I’ve been in love with Paris since I was a little girl in French classes. Something about this city, the language, the history… it just stole my heart and I knew I belonged in France. I spent a semester abroad here when I was in college, and it cemented my love for Paris, and my independent spirit. I cried the whole flight back to America; promising myself one day I’d live here again. I made good on that promise in January when I packed up my life in New York and started a new one in Paris! “Moving your life to France is glamorous, but it is not easy! There are so many differences in lifestyle, culture, and rules! Watching the first episode of the new Netflix show Emily in Paris made me laugh and smile so much! The show shows so many of the little differences that plague you as an American in Paris – like trying to master the gender of every single word, and being told you are talking too loud by someone French! But just like Emily, l instantly realized ALL the setbacks and hardships are worth taking on because of what Paris gives you back – romance, beauty, food, and art! I feel like if Emily was really here, we’d be fast friends!

You can watch the show when it premieres TOMORROW, October 2nd on Netflix!

What I Wore: Juliet Dunn Dresses

I spent a lot of time in Greece, which meant a wardrobe of blues and whites! I discovered one of my favorite designers years ago in a beach shack shop in St. Lucia. Then I got to meet her when I was in London, and she has been my favorite little find ever since. She makes the most gorgeous dresses for the beach and other warm destinations. I have a little collection of her things, and I always feel so special whenever I wear them! I’m sharing a few favorites here!

How I Kept in Shape:

My sister Amanda has started doing live-streamed classes via zoom on Saturday mornings, and it has made my month so much better! I miss working out with her so much, and this is the perfect way to have a little bit of the class energy right into your home! She does a class every Saturday at 9am PST and you can sign up in her Instagram stories!

Where I Ate: Chez Paul

I discovered Chez Paul through an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, my favorite show of all time! I saw them dining in a little bistro in Paris in season two and knew I had to go see it; because it probably looked exactly like that in real life. Sure enough, it did. Not only did a have a dream lunch there, but at the end I met the owner, his son, and marveled around inside like it was my own personal museum. My friend and I decided to make a standing date there each weekend, and it inspired an entire essay I’m called C’est Chez Toi.

Self-Care Ritual: Days Off

When you work freelance, you don’t have “days off.” Running four different businesses at the moment is all-consuming. I never sleep, I work on three time zones, and I’m aware that if I’m not working – no one is. I felt burned out this month, and so when my computer crashed – I forced myself to take a day off! No work, no agenda, just let myself get lost in Paris. I ended up having the most magical day with my friend Adrienne, and it revived me in a way I couldn’t have imagined! This is something I’m going to do once a week now, and I recommend trying the same. It’s so important to plan a day to just enjoy you life – whether that’s being lazy at home or walking 15 miles around Paris – like me. It’s self-care at its finest.

Beauty Secret: I’m sharing all of them!

I’ve been asked a lot lately about my skincare regime, so I put together an entire list of my top secret, secrets. Going back to the spa feels far in the future, so in meantime I’ve fine-tuned all my at-home skincare regime so I can do everything I need for my skin right at home! It includes products, tools, masks, and my go-to acne patches! Oh mon dieu!

What I Discovered: Le Senat

Paris has this incredible weekend, once a year where you get to go into several buildings around the city that are usually closed to tourists! I’ve always wanted to be here on this day! It felt like an invite to a secret “I really live in Paris” club. I wanted to see the Senate building, which is inside Luxembourg Gardens. I’ve seen the Senate in the United States, so I was excited to see how different they were! And ohhh la la, I’ll let my friend Emily’s photo do the talking..

That’s it for September. Can you believe it’s already the fall? Stay tuned this month for A LOT of fall shopping, since all my warm clothes are trapped in a storage unit in Manhattan! I’ll also be on the hunt for pumpkin spice in Paris.

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