My Skincare Secrets

We women have to help each other out. I get asked about my skin a lot, so I wrote this article for YOU to share my routine, regime, and favorite tools I trust after months of trying.

COVID changed everything – I used to go to get facials often, but suddenly I had to find a way to do it all at home! Now that I have, I realized I don’t need to go back, because now I can do it all at home! So here are all my favorite things so you can too. Everything I’ve been using for at least three months, but most of them for the last year.

My Genie in the Bottles

I spent years without a proper skincare plan – just a miss-matched bag of products I was given or bought but wasn’t really sure what they did. So last year I sought out the top dermatologist in Manhattan – Dr. Howard Sobel – the O.G. for R.X. skincare lines and my personal, skin genie. I wanted a plan that I knew I could trust, and products I knew would work. What makes these products really special and worth the cost is that they are prescription-grade. The concentration of anti-aging ingredients in them are higher than you can find anywhere else on a shelf! You can read about the entire regime I follow in my review, but basically, I’m going on a year of using them and I have seen a complete transformation.

My $1.60 Daily Facial I Can Drink

I “have a facial” every day with an 8 Greens Skin, which is an effervescent tablet that combines 8 greens focused on the skin with marine collagen and biotin. The best part is – it tastes delicious. It’s fizzy and refreshing and so drinking it is actually something I look forward to every day!

You can save 20% off with the code ANNA20!

The tube is so easy to keep in my bag and take anywhere!

My Toolkit


I started at home micro-needling in the summer! This tool, the GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration, was a game-changer for my skin. Amanda and I used it every night, and after a week of using it on my face, I bought the attachment for the body also. Microneedling essentially creates the tiniest damage to your skin with teeny needles so that your skin regenerates faster. You roll this little wand all over your face, while UV light shines from it reducing inflammation, fine lines, and discoloration. I was skeptical and afraid it would hurt, but instead, I found it feels wonderfully satisfying, and it works! I use the body attachment on stretch marks!


Once I got hooked on that tool, I decided to try a few others and found the Exfora from Vanity Planet. This at home microdermabrasion wand exfoliates and suction away impurities that can clog pores, leading to inflammation, blackheads, and acne breakouts. I use it once a week (on a night I don’t use my Glo Pro. It also does not hurt at all, and the way it leaves your face feeling is amazing.

Exfora also stimulates skin, promoting blood circulation, accelerating skin tissue development and collagen production. I used to pay a small fortune for this treatment at the facialist in New York! Now, I can do it myself.

PS – ANNA60 gets you 60% off the exfora!


The other tool I love is a face roller- which is my budget tool! I have an ice roller, and a rose quartz roller – both under $25. I suggest either (you don’t need both!) But I love them both for different reasons. The ice roller I keep in the freezer and when I’m hot in the summer and wake up, or get back from a workout, I LOVE the feeling of it! The rose quartz I like to keep right in the bathroom and use before I put on makeup for the day. The concept of both is just to define, contour, and exercise your face muscles. It’s de-puffs and honestly just feels fantastic.


I really did love my facialist in Manhattan. Her spa was a little dream, so to have a little taste of it chez moi à Paris, I keep a little stash of her sheet masks. This sheet mask I do at home if I have an important day, or something I really want to look good for! You wear it for 15-20 minutes on clear, clean skin and it’s an advanced hydration treatment mask that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and makes your skin super hydrated! It’s like a mini spa treatment at home! JV’s are top of the line, and are a bit of a splurge, so for other days I want to mask on the cheap, I love TonyMoly’s week of masks set.

Spot Stickers

When an under the skin, terrible pimple strikes, these little stickers will take it away overnight. It’s REAL magic. They act like little sponges, soaking up all the yuck under your skin and flattening out the mountain forming there. They also keep you from picking, which is so important to prevent scarring!

I love the ones from DIME called “Power Patch” (CODE annakloots will save you 20%) With the powerful combination of Hydrocolloid, Vitamin A, Clove Oil, and Salicylic Acid, the Power Patch is your best friend when it comes to the ultimate blemish control.

There are also some on Amazon I have used too and seen great results.

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