My 3 Must-Have Swimsuits For Summer

Since in a typical year I’m traveling most of the time, I spend a good amount of my days in swimsuits and cover-ups. It’s been like this for a few years now, so I’ve become a bit of a swimwear aficionado. In my expertise – there are three types of swimsuits you need – a classic bikini, a great one-piece, and a trendy suit. These categories will have you covered no matter where you are swimming, who you are swimming with, or how in shape you feel that day.

A good swimsuit is like a good pair of jeans – it seems simple but actually a good fit is extremely hard to find. I realized with swimwear that it is quality over quantity – I’d rather have just 3 go-to suits for a season that are great quality and fit than a drawer full of ill-fitting ones. So here are 3 types of suits from 3 brands that I love.

The Classic Bikini

The classic fit and shape of this suit is perfect. It’s my favorite for tanning in because it most resembles undergarments. The top is shaped like a bra, so the tan lines you get work with clothing. The bottoms are skimpy, but not too skimpy to wear around your parents! The color is rainbow, and what’s better than that?

One Piece

This is my one go-to one piece. After searching long and hard, I found the shape is so flattering, and the material is so comfortable. It’s perfect to wear with jean shorts as a tank, and the sexiest, yet fun, one piece. I now own it in 3 colors. While the classic black is one of my favorites, I love this neon orange, and it looks great with a tan.

Trendy Suit

This is my go-to for a fashion bikini, that is still sophisticated and chic. The v-top and high waist bottom have a retro feel, but also make it flattering for curves. I love how many colors this comes in, but my favorite is the periwinkle. This is what you wear to a pool party, or beach day with a date.

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