What Happened In May

So much good happened in May! We celebrated Mother’s Day, Nick WOKE UP, my parents were able to safely travel to LA, Todd came back and brought the whole family, and on top of all that – Paris ended quarantine. I’m still in Los Angeles, supporting Amanda while we root for Nick to get #OFFTHEVENT. I’m practicing French every day, and inventing recipes, and spending time with family. It remains such a strange world, but we are making the best of it. So, here are the highlights!

Where I Traveled: Nowhere

We don’t leave the house. Neither should you. 

May was the first month in the last five years that I did not get on an airplane! But I did see a lot of L.A. One of the only ways to get Elvis to nap is in his car seat, so sometimes we’ll go for a long drive to take in the scenery and let Elvis nap. I must admit, this city is darn pretty. 

What I’m Reading: Older, but Better, but Older

This is the sequel to last month’s book: How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are. This book from the same author has the same wit, charm, and helpful tips, but focuses on how to stay chic as you get a little older. I absolutely love everything about the French mentality of living so I devour these books like I would an amazing crème brûlée! 

What I’m Wearing: Cozy Sweaters

I’ve realized something about the weather in LA: it’s warm and sunny all day, and then at 5pm – everything changes! It suddenly drops twenty degrees, and you are in desperate need of a cozy sweater to get you through the evening. So I’ve stocked up on a few: a flirty, backless sweatshirt, an oversized statement sweater, and a knitted cream sweater. That way, I have something for every occasion.

How I’m Keeping in Shape: Walks with Elvis 

If you’re following my stories, you’ll notice I’ve made a habit of talking Elvis for long walks in Laurel Canyon. I strap him in his baby carrier around nap time – and then I kill a lot of birds with one stone: Elvis naps, I get exercise, we bond, and I do my audio French lesson. It’s not my usual high intensity workout, but I am essentially carrying a twenty-pound weight up and down hills for an hour, and my legs know it.

Where I’m Eating: chez moi (encore)

It’s been another month of cooking in, deliveries, and take away. I made my chicken salad, a recipe I totally created that is super healthy, totally customizable, and fail proof. I love to serve it open-faced on some yummy bread with avocado slices and salt and pepper! I shared it in my newsletter along with some other top-secret recipes, but I’ll add it here too! 

Self-Care Ritual: 8 Greens

If you remember earlier this month, I served up Todd a glass of a bubbly, green, mystery beverage and told him to drink it. He took one sip and said, “what is this amazing, effervescent beverage?! Then, he began asking for one every morning and I finally got him his own pack! I have started every morning with an 8 Greens for a solid 3 months  now, and I’m addicted! It honestly feels too good to be true, but it somehow isn’t! One tablet is made from 8 real greens; spinach, kale, aloe vera, wheatgrass, blue green algae, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina. It was zero sugar, only 15 calories and an amazing lemon-lime taste that reminds me of summer. But here’s the magic: one tablet contains as much vitamin C as 6 oranges, vitamin B6 as 6 cups of spinach, vitamin B5 as 15 cups of broccoli, vitamin B12 and 7 cups of milk and zinc as 3 cups of peas! If you don’t want to drink your greens, they now also have gummies!

The friends and family sale starts in June, so you can save 20% off any order with my code – ANNA20 

Beauty Regime: Alevia Skincare

I know I talked about this last month, but I’m so obsessed and I have to share it again! I honestly suffered from KP (those annoying little bumps on your upper arms) my entire life –  until last year. It didn’t matter WHAT I tried – nothing got rid of those pesky bumps. I had honestly given up on ever clearing them when I met Kelly Graham, the amazing woman who began Aleavia, an exclusive prebiotic plant-based skincare line. She was searching for a solution to her daughter’s persistent eczema, and learned the body’s natural ability to protect itself is stripped away when regularly bombarded with harsh, chemically – derived “beauty” products. The result is her own, life-changing skincare line that took my KP away in a month, FLAT. And the best part – it’s SO affordable. She has a range of washes, sprays, and other cleansers that I cannot recommend enough.

P.S. (You can use the code ANNA15 for 15% off your purchase!)

What I Discovered: Fuji Instax 

Okay, I’ve known about this for years now and never thought I needed one. But when Hudson came to town and starting snapping shots, I was instantly obsessed! It makes total sense since I love all things retro, but these little photos just feel so old-timey and I love how in the moment they are! We never, ever print our photos from our camera roll, so it’s so fun to have these little photos. I’ve been using them as bookmarks, hanging them on the fridge, and displaying them around the house. 

That’s it for May. I’m still in shock half of the year is over, but let’s hope the second half is better than the first!

  1. DC says:

    Amazing! Hoping you would share your chocolate chip cookie recipe that you posted this week.


  2. This is so beautiful writing. Accidentially ended up following Amanda and then you (not accidental) and you are both such likeable ladies.
    So interesting following your journey

    ~from a norwegian lady packing up and starting all over in London …relate to your stories
    Best decision ever
    Never too late to follow your dreams
    /wen ☆♡

  3. Rose Mary Hernandez says:

    I love reading about your life and your travels. I found you by following your sisters channel. Her story about her husband has me praying for him. We all want him to get well and come home to his beautiful family. Reading your stories makes my day a little happier. Thank you for sharing. 😘

  4. Piotr says:

    That chicken salad rocks….but im.allergic to chickens 🙁

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