What Happened In February

Where I Traveled: Paris

I moved to Paris this month, and for the first entire month in the last ten years, I stayed put in one place. I did not pack a bag anywhere so I could soak up the fact that I live here. I have dreamed of living here since I was in the fourth grade, and now it’s my reality. I’m based in the 3e, the neighborhood I know well from my semester abroad. For the first time in years, I love where I am so much that I actually don’t want to go anywhere.

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What I’m Reading: Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

One of my dearest friends gave me this book as a little going around present, and I’ve been slowly devouring it ever since. It’s my favorite type of book: one that takes you in the middle of someone’s adventures and makes you feel like you are apart of them. It’s a beautifully written, quick read that is the perfect little escape from reality.
(Thanks Maxy)


What I’m Wearing: Lingerie

It’s the month for lingerie, and I just to have moved to the country known for it. What luck. 

Maybe it’s just because I’ve always been a bit of a girly girl, but I love having beautiful undergarments. You simply feel different when you are wearing something luxurious and feminine underneath your clothes, and only you know it. I believe everything you put on your body should make you feel empowered and fabulous. Winter is extra fun because you don’t run into clothing malfunctions as you do in summer – you can wear reds, ruffles, and all sorts of fun things under those thick, wool sweaters. 

I don’t think of lingerie as a purchase for anyone but myself. I dress up underneath no matter my relationship status, and especially in February.

(You can read my full article on “How to do lingerie the French way” with all my favorite Parisien brands if you sign up for my newletter!)

How I’m Keeping in Shape:

For me, my workout has always been about fun. If I don’t enjoy it, why do it. I took ballet as a girl but when I got older I realized I didn’t have the technique or the body type to be in my town’s company. ⠀

I just had the passion. I’ve always been in love with everything about it: the graceful movements, the beautiful music, the dramatic stories, and of course – the costumes: crowns, tulle, sparkles, and tutus! ⠀

So I began a tradition of going to the ballet every year on my birthday. I’d splurge to sit up close marveling and leave saying I wanted to take dance again. But life always got in the way.

This year for my birthday, instead of getting tickets, I got classes.

I started this month, and my class is taught entirely in French! The studio looks right out of a Degas painting with scuffed floors and ancient, painted, wooden beams. As I stood at the barre for the first time in fifteen years, my heart fluttered in a way that it never has for any man, and I remembered what real passion feels like.

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Where I Ate: Cafe de Flore

It’s the month to treat yo’ self. I can’t take credit for this find – it’s a popular, touristy place in Paris but I just LOVE it, and you will find Parisiennes in there – it’s not just visitors. They have incredible hot chocolate, and no matter the time of day you will enjoy sitting on the exterior, watching people pass by and falling in love with Paris.

Self-Care Ritual: Flowers

Since it was Valentine’s month – I started buying myself flowers. It sounds like the silliest thing, but it’s a little way I’m taking care of myself right now. When I came into my Airbnb, there was an enormous vase of yellow tulips under this beautiful painting of the Virgin Mary, and it made my soul light up. I’ve never had boyfriends who surprised me with flowers – and I absolutely love them. I used to long to buy bouquets for our apartment in New York, but there was always a reason not to: I’d be traveling soon, they were too expensive, or my ex-roommate didn’t like them. So I decided it was my way to love myself this month. Every Sunday at the market I buy myself two things of flowers – one for the bedroom and one for the living room, and my heart smiles every time I walk in and see them. If that isn’t worth ten euros, I don’t know what is.

Beauty Regime: Gommage

On a rainy Sunday night, I paid a visit to the Grand Mosque in Paris and had a traditional gommage, steam, and massage. I have never experienced anything like that scrub down! In my newsletter I’ll be sharing ALL the details about spending a few hours in my skivvies with the Parisiennes! So make sure you sign up.

What I Discovered:
Cooking With Class

I have dreamed of learning how to cook amazing French food for years. I am a terrible cook, but my idea has always been if you’re going to master a cuisine, let it be French cuisine! This charming little cooking school is tucked away in the 18eme and offers several cooking classes per week on everything from croissants, to baguettes, to sauces, to their 7-hour market class that I took! A full review is coming next week – but spoiler alert: this was one of the most fun things I’ve EVER done in Paris. I learned the secret to amazingly crispy French fingerling potatoes and will be sharing that recipe in my newsletter next week!

  1. Suzy says:

    ‘My heart smiles every time I walk in.’ In my humble opinion, this is what makes the difference between a blogger and a writer. I hope your first book will be set in Paris!!

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