Ten Photos to Inspire You to Travel To Albania

Europe is my continent. 
I’ve known it from the moment I stepped foot in French soil ten years ago. I thrive here. They get me. And I get them. The typical things that mystify, irritates, and confuse most visitors are clever, amusing and logical to me. 

I love that their default water is sparkling – and they are various degrees of bubbles: light, medium, high. I love that you can’t dine anywhere in less than ninety minutes. Not even the kebab stand. A check won’t be brought to you unless you flag someone down, or sometimes literally go find them, because they were out back, taking a smoke break.  I love that ten in the morning is not too early to drink alcohol; ten at night is not too late to drink coffee. Mid-day pastries are a common occurrence. Bathrooms are equipped with heated towel bars and bidets – which I’m determined to find a modern use for.

I’ve been to twenty-nine countries in Europe, from Germany to Gibraltar to Luxembourg.. But this year, I went to the European country you’ve probably never heard of – Albania.

Albania is a tasting of the best things Europe has to offer. The terrain of Tuscany, Positano, and the Cinque Terre, and ruins that rival Rome. Hiking and boat cruises reminiscent of Norway, ancient hilltop villages that feel like Provence, castles that belong in Wales, and wide Pedestrian walkways lined with cafes like Barcelona. 

I spent a full week in this amazing country this September. It wasn’t enough time to see all Albania has to offer, but it was a start. Traveling with Limitless Albania, I had a local showing me all the best spots the country has to offer. (Like all my trips, this was unsponsored. Josh and I wanted to visit this country and found Limitless Albania after a lot of research into the country’s best tour operators) 

I feel in love with how remote, stunning, and authentic this country is, and I think you will too.  So here’s ten photos to inspire you to plan a 2018 trip to Albania. 

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